Your Infant Will Live in Luxury Sitting on the mamaRoo

I envy the lucky little guys and girls who get one of these. The mamaRoo, from 4moms, is one comfortable looking infant seat with a little robotics behind it to make it maybe the best infant seat that has ever seen the light of day.

The idea is that vibrating bouncy seats or swing seats don’t properly mimic the movement of parents when they hold their babies. The mamaRoo, on the other hand, has five different settings that feature swaying and bouncing movements that are designed to be similar to parents’ movement, making things a little more comfortable for Junior.

The mamaRoo’s five different settings are Car Ride, Ocean Wave, Rock-a-Bye, Tree Swing, and Kangaroo, all of which can be accompanied by five different nature sounds. If you wish, you can also connect your mp3 player to the mamaRoo and play music that way, too. ¬†Each movement has adjustable speeds, as well.

A few plush balls dangle from the top of the chair for infants to play with, and the chair can recline to any position on its axis. Again, this is like a throne for the little guys.

The mamaRoo is available in nylon or plush, both of which can be zipped out for washing. It comes in six colors and is selling now from 4moms. The classic nylon version costs about $200, while the plush mamaRoo is going for $240.