Kids Bring Ancient China to Life With Dragon Brush

Dragon Brush is a wonderfully illustrated new app from John Solimine, Andy Hullinger, and Small Planet. The app is a storybook set in ancient China, and follows a rabbit boy named Bing-Wen, who comes into the possession of a magical brush that brings his paintings to life. The story follows Bing-Wen as he confronts a greedy emperor (in the guise of a pig, naturally).

Dragon Brush features narration from Matt Beringer and original music produced by members of the band The National. Of course, kids won’t totally be on the sidelines – they can use their fingers to reveal pictures and help Bing-Wen bring his creations to life throughout the story, and the Dragon Paint section allows kids to make their own original creations using palettes of different colors and patterns.

Dragon Brush is available for all iOS devices, and is on sale from the iTunes App Store now for $2.99.