Crayola Outdoor Bubble Machine Adds a Dash of Color to Bubbles

It took a while, but the classic fun of blowing bubbles has finally evolved. Crayola’s new gadget, the Outdoor Bubble Machine, automates the bubble blowing process allowing kids to maximize the fun they get over those short-lived spheres. Not only that, but kids can generate bubbles in three different bright colors (purple pizzazz, fuchsia, and unmellow yellow), making for the messy kind of fun kids love. Fortunately, Crayola promises that the bubbles don’t stain clothes, skin, or outdoors surfaces, though some reviews on Amazon seem to disagree.

The Crayola Outdoor Bubble Machine is selling now from Amazon for $20.17, and requires 4 C batteries to operate. The machine comes with three 4 oz. bottles of colored bubble formula and three pouring adapters.