Outdoor Explorer Toys Bring Tech Outside for a Change

As hard as it seems to get kids outside these days, it’s always a joy to see someone making an effort to convince kids to give the great outdoors a shot. Uncle Milton, in partnership with National Geographic, is doing just that, releasing their Outdoor Explorer line of toys, designed to get kids to get out and interact with nature. A novel idea.

Each of the toys in the line comes with its own activity guide, detailing plenty of fun things kids can do outside with their new gadgets. The line includes cool little gadgets that should grab kids’ attention, like the expedition shoe lights for nighttime excitement (probably going to want make sure there’s some supervision for that one) and a 3-in-1 expedition magnifier for in depth scientific investigation (earthworms may or may not be involved). Of course, if all else fails you can go for the Deep Cave Explorer Echo Maker – because no matter what century we’re in, kids will never stop thinking caves are cool.

Check out the list below for the list of toys in the line and the pricing. You can find all of them at your local Toys ‘R’ Us.


Expedition Sky Flare MSRP $9.99
3-in-1 Expedition Magnifier MSRP $11.99
4-in-1 Explorer Navigation Tool MSRP $11.99
Earth Tag MSRP $11.99
Deep Cave Explorer Echo Maker MSRP $17.99
High Sierra Eco Explorer Kit MSRP $14.99
All-Terrain Nature Collector MSRP $17.99
Expedition Shoe Lights MSRP $19.99
Expedition Trekking Pak MSRP $24.99