Totoya Creatures Are Your Child’s Newest Interactive Furry Friend

Part of living in today’s technology-advanced world is having toys that can play back – playtime doesn’t have to be as one-sided as it used to be. The newest incarnations of that idea are the Totoya Creatures, a new set of four plush toys coming out of Romania.

The four plush toys – two for the iPhone, two for the iPad – can be played with like any other plush toy sans mobile device. With an iPhone or iPad and the free Totoya app, the Totoya Creatures literally come to life. There are windows on the face and belly of the monsters (a yeti and a robot). The app provides eyes that blink and move around, while a few buttons on the belly offer up customization and interaction options, like changing the color of the face or getting the monster to make sounds. The Totoya Creatures are even programmed to talk back during playtime with kids.

It helps that the Totoya Creatures are furry and pretty adorable. They are a little pricey, though – the iPad versions sell for about $80, while the iPhone versions cost about $50. The Totoya app is free of charge.