BubCaps Protect Parents’ Home Buttons From Curious Kids

There are plenty of cases designed to help keep the home button on iPhones and iPads from being accidentally pressed by kids, but those who were already attached to other cases or didn’t want a case at all were out of luck. Not so anymore now that BubCaps have been made available.BubCaps are pieces of plastic or aluminum that almost resemble band-aids. Slap one of them over the home button, and the incidence of toddler-related smartphone crises should drop.

Like it or not, iPhones and iPads are being conscripted by kids more and more for playtime. The BubCap is firm enough to where young kids won’t be able to press the home button, but pliable enough to allow access with a firm push from an adult. It’s a simple and convenient solution, with the admission that it might not necessarily work 100% of the time, especially if you have a particularly strong toddler.

The best part is that the BubCap is the cheapest way for parents to get home button protection. A four-pack can be purchased on Amazon for as little as $6.