Get Your Kids Ready for the Avengers With These Stan Lee-Narrated Storybook Apps

May 4th is coming fast, and The Avengers is coming with it. Worried that your kids don’t know enough about some of the greatest superheroes of your day? Get them up to speed with these two new storybook apps from Disney/Marvel. Better yet, they’ll hear the origin stories of their new favorite superheroes straight from the source thanks to narration from Stan Lee.

Avengers Origins: Hulk takes kids through the origin story of how Bruce Banner became the Incredible Hulk. Kids will enjoy top-notch artwork and animations while hearing the story read by The Man himself. Kids can also get in on the action through several interactive activities throughout the storybook, like hurling cars and roaring to transform Banner into the Hulk.

Avengers Origins: Assemble! tells the story of how Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America came together to form the unstoppable force that is the Avengers. The same quality artwork and narration comes with games and activities that will get kids even more interested into how their favorite superheroes came together, just in time to see them in action on the big screen.

Both apps are available now on the iTunes App Store for iPad and iPhone for $1.99 each.