KidSafe is a Kid Proof iPhone 4/4S Case

Play time on the iPhone getting pretty hard to avoid for parents of young kids these days. KidSafe at least helps keep them out of trouble while they have all that cutting edge technology in their little hands.

Fortunately, this is the rare protective case that doesn’t cause a headache whenever the parents want to get use of their phone back. The case is double-sided, with the back flipping around to cover the home button in front when kids are using it, locking them into whatever app is active at the time. That should be a big relief to parents – just ask any mom or dad who has suffered the blow to the wallet that comes with an app store combined with unchecked smartphone play time for the little ones.

KidSafe works with both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and is selling now from TrtlBot for about $25.