New Infographic Reminds You That Too Much Television is Bad for Kids

It’s a message I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of times before, but it’s one worth repeating. Television isn’t a total fiend when it comes to kids, but too much of it can have a serious negative impact on a child’s development. That should come as little surprise – learning, both in terms of motor functions and thought processes, comes about through active play and discovery, not passive activities like television watching. Television isn’t without its merits, thanks to quality educational programs like Sesame Street, but if a child is watching more than a couple of hours of television a day, chances are that’s going to sum up to a lot of time spent watching things that aren’t quite as educationally valuable.

Too much television can warp kids’ expectations of reality, in terms of violence and social behavior, as a couple of examples. The infographic below goes into more detail, offering up some eye-opening statistics about the amount of television that kids watch as well as speculation on how all of that idle time is affecting our children. And, like any good infographic, it offers up a few solutions for parents hard-up for answers.

This is Your Child's Brain on Television
Via: Online Courses News