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Farfaria Brings the World of Steve Hops and the PearPad 3 to Life in Joey’s Big Jump

Farfaria, a subscription-based app for children’s storybooks on the iPad, is introducing its newest story, “Joey’s Big Jump,” a tribute to the new iPad and the late Steve Jobs.

“Joey’s Big Jump” follows a young kangaroo named Joey as he hops over to the Pear Store with droves of other kangaroos all jumping at the chance to get their paws on the new PearPad 3. The story is a timely one, about how kids can balance their digital lives with the physical world, with a little help from Joey’s new friend, Steve Hops.

Farfaria is free to download on the iTunes App Store. It comes with 30 days free, after which you can pay $3.99 per month to receive new storybooks every week.

  1. Gennady Borukhovich

    Hello, I’m one of the founders of FarFaria. Thank you so much for this post! This story is super fun and I’m having LOTS of fun with my new Pear Pad! :). We’d love to hear any feedback you or any readers may have. 

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