Kids Become Puppetmasters With Play-Doll for Kids

Play-Doll for Kids is a free app for the iPhone and iPad that allows kids to create their own puppet character and create an on-stage play. The app description lauds the possibilities of quiet, safe playtime on a precious electronic gadget, but, as always, there are no guarantees when you put a child and a fragile object in the vicinity of each other.

In the app, kids can customize their puppet character with different hairstyles, clothes, and accessories before creating their own little puppet show by moving the character around on-stage. Kids can create multiple characters and get them all in on the action, too. The character design is endearing and varied, from dinosaurs to damsels and robots to monkeys.

The app supports English and Korean. Once kids have finished their creations, they can share them and view friends’ plays on the Share Board. Parents, be sure to carefully vet that friends list. There’s also been concern raised over the app collecting user information, so pay mind to that before using the app.