Disney’s Pixie Hollow Adds Pay-As-You-Go Alternatives For Subscribers

Kids using Pixie Hollow can explore the fairy world with or without a subscription, but there’s a sizable chunk of content unavailable for those playing for free. As of January 26th, those kids (with the permission of their parents, of course) can buy Pixie Diamonds, which can be redeemed at the Pixie Post Office for accessories, pets, and decorations for their fairy houses. Subscribers will receive a monthly allotment of Pixie Diamonds, rather than needing to purchase them, though if those subscribers want more, they can still buy more.

Pixie Hollow is an online game where kids can create their own fairy or sparrow man and play with other kids in the many activities and games on the site. Subscribers have unlimited access to all of the site’s contents. Pixie Diamonds will run you $3 for 40, $7 for 90, $15 for 200, or $35 for 450. Subscriptions to the site are $5.95/month, $29.95/6 months, and $457.95/year.