Orbeez Expands to Fill Up Playtime for Girls Everywhere

Hard pellets don’t make for very good toys. If they did, dried pinto beans would save parents thousands during the preteen years. Fortunately, Orbeez are a little more than meets the eye. At first, Orbeez are just small, hard pellets, but add water and they grow into squishy bouncy balls. And pinto beans might not be awesome as a toy, but you don’t have to be a kid to know that bouncy balls are always winners.

Orbeez are a little more versatile than your average bouncy ball, though. They can change color and be infused with different scents. That has paved the way for a lot of Orbeez play kits, including a mood lamp and the Orbeez Soothing Spa, which replicates the full manicure and pedicure spa experience with Orbeez instead of water. The newest toy, the Orbeez Magic Light-Up Globe, takes advantage of the color-changing ability of Orbeez to create something that resembles a hybrid of a lava lamp, a snow globe, and a plasma globe.

You can check out the full complement of Orbeez toys here, and their products will be on display at the American International Toy Fair starting this weekend in New York.