HandTrux Turns Your Hands into a Human Truck

Kids love to dig. There’s no way to explain this phenomena, but it’s true. The HandTrux Backhoe is a simple and fun device that converts any arm into a very capable shovel. Children, and adults, can go all Iron Man and take digging to the next level. Snow, sand, mud, dirt–it’s all fair game for digging.

The HandTrux BackHoe is a tough and rugged plastic sleeve that works with any sized arm and hand. There’s a “handrolic” grip that lines up with your hand to give control of a pivoting shovel. It’s designed to work and look like the Big Iron bulldozers. The scooper can contain than a hand, it’s also more efficient for digging then nails and fingers. With the HandTrux BackHoe children can take part in ‘precision digging and excavating’ for hours on end.

Let’s face it, most children are going to dig. It’s a fundamental part of childhood. Embrace the need to dig with the HandTrux. Allow them to take digging and creativity to new heights (literally). If anything it will help prevent some really dirty fingernails. Also, HandTrux isn’t just for children, it’s also a great tool for gardening!

The classic HandTrux Backhoe is currently available from handtruxtoys.com for $17.99. HandTrux will also soon be releasing their brand new BullDozer and DumpTruck. The HandTrux Dozer and HandTrux DumpTruck are the same concept as the Backhoe, but with more detailed designs.