Furreal Friends Get Even More Real This Year

At the American International Toy Fair this week in New York City, Hasbro showed off its latest line of Furreal Friends, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the line of realistic furry animal pals. They’re getting even more lifelike touches this year, as Hasbro displayed two of its brightest new stars.

Baby Butterscotch might finally provide a way for parents to answer the timeless pony wish without needing to resort to the real thing. Baby Butterscotch is cuddle-sized, and moves her head and whinnies when stroked or held. Butterscotch has poseable legs to make cradling a little less awkward. When cradled, Butterscotch automatically detects motion and touch and responds by nuzzling or falling asleep. Throw in a bonus carrot that she’ll nibble on if you put it in her mouth, and you’ve got one of the most ridiculously adorable toys to ever hit stores.

Bouncy fills in the requisite puppy role, living up to her name by bouncing around and barking in excitement when she detects nearby movement. She responds to petting, too, by letting out that adorable puppy whimper. Again, senselessly cute.

Both Bouncy and Butterscotch hit stores in Fall of this year. Bouncy will carry a $37 price tag, while Baby Butterscotch (who is a pony, after all) commands a more pricey $120.