Fijit Friends Yippits Deserve a Round of Applause

That’s because these little guys respond to clapping in order to perform tricks that they will learn to associate with different clapping patterns over time. Yippits are miniature versions of the wildly popular singing, dancing Fijit Friends, but with a few different twists. The Yippit will perform random tricks at first, but with a little positive reinforcement (Good Yippit, good!) it will start to perform the same trick if the child claps once, and a different trick if the child claps twice. If Fijit Friends were like people, Yippits are the puppy versions. They’ll even bark and growl (cutely, of course).

Like Fijit Friends, the Yippits can dance and sing. And, also like Fijit Friends, two Yippits in range of each other will automatically harmonize when singing. When paired with Fijit Friends, the Yippits will interact with them, unlocking content already present in the Fijit Friend that was apparently dormant until now.

Kids can also play games with their Yippits, including a Simon-like light game where kids need to remember patterns and correctly input them using the buttons on the Yippit’s head.

When they hit stores in June, the Yippits will come in four colors – blue (named Scooch), green (Skippa), pink (Patter), and purple (Plooki). Each Yippit will sell for $38.