Nukotoys Gives the Trading Card Game a 21st Century Makeover

Nukotoys is a new toy company led in part by the founder of the company that published the Magic and Pokemon trading card games. Right now, those interested can sign up for Beta tests of the game company’s new trading card games that function almost entirely on the iPad or iPod Touch.

Monsterology introduces kids to the world of mythological monsters. Players collect ‘cards’ on the iPad or iPod Touch, which give background information about the monsters pictured. Those monsters can be trained, traded, or played with either offline or online as kids try to become Master Monsterologists.

Animal Planet features cards from animals that roam the Serengeti. The models in-game are designed to accurately recreate the shape and movement of the real animals, giving kids a great glimpse into a natural world they might not otherwise experience. Animals can be collected, trained, and traded here, too, and the game contains a hefty amount of educational information about all the animals included.

The 3-card NUKO packs will be $1.99 each. You can sign up for the Beta releases at the Nukotoys website.