HP Mini 1104 Set to Power Students Large and Small

Students in the market for an affordable, easily portable laptop might just find exactly what they were looking for when they see they HP Mini 1104. The 10.1” screen makes for a light, easy-to-carry personal computer (at 2.78 lbs.), while spill resistance and a durable build protect it from the clumsiest of teens stuck in their awkward years. The laptop is stocked with a webcam, microphone, and speakers, and is Wi-Fi compatible, so students on the go can turn it into a mini presentation aid with ease.

An extra note about that durable construction – an accelerometer detects sudden movement, which temporarily parks the hard drive to prevent damage or lost data in the case of an accident.

Best of all, HP managed to keep the price of this mini notebook reasonable – you can get a Mini 1104 from HP for as low as $400.

It’s not a technical powerhouse, sporting an Intel Atom dual-core processor, but for its purpose, it doesn’t need to be. As a great tool for students to take notes, create projects and presentations, and enhance their learning, it might be second-to-none in terms of convenience. It’d be great to start seeing these in public classrooms as a teaching and learning aid, too – if only the funding was there.