Kids Can Add a Dash of Disney to Photos With the Appclix

The Disney AppClix is an intriguing new accessory for the iPad or iPhone that could be an indicator of things to come for big kids down the road. For now, the AppClix is aimed at the little ones, letting them snap pictures that can be immediately uploaded to an Apple device, with editing software that lets them add a little Disney magic.

The AppClix is a small digital camera with a 32-pin connector that fits all Apple mobile devices. The camera can be used without an Apple device to take pictures. When kids are ready to view and edit their shots, they can attach the AppClix to an Apple device, where they can use the app included with the camera to edit their photos. In addition to basic image editing features, kids can throw in Disney characters or backgrounds before sharing or saving.

The AppClix is available in 7.1 MP for $79 and 8 MP for $99. The former can be purchased from major retailers and will come in a few different Disney themes. The 8 MP version will only be sold at Apple stores, and will include exclusive faceplates (Kermit and Disney princesses), an SD card, and a carrying case. If those goodies are worth the extra $20 to you, go for it. Otherwise, the .9 MP difference between the two is virtually negligible, especially considering the target audience.

Via B&H Photo from Gizmodo