USB Baby Bottle Warmer Keeps Formula Warm On the Go

Parents know the value of a warm bottle of milk when their little ones get upset. Unfortunately, parents on the go have limited options when it comes to keeping warm milk with them – there’s a shortage of baby bottle style thermoses.

It looks like Thanko has a 21st century solution – a USB-powered baby bottle warmer. Each charge provides 1.5 hours of heating for the baby bottle, which you can keep as hot as 107 degrees Fahrenheit. The heater comes with a battery pack, which is charged via USB and fits into a pouch on the bottle cover. It also has a long strap, so a parent can wear it around the shoulder or neck, leaving both hands free for their infant.

The USB Baby Bottle Warmer is selling for $26 off Japan Trend Shop, but you’ll have to tack on $27 for international shipping.