Nice Bear Naughty Bear Helps Kids Shape Up for Christmas (And Hopefully After, Too)

Good manners are important year-round, but there’s arguably no better time to teach them than when the specter of coal in the stocking from Santa looms large over kids’ heads. Nice Bear Naughty Bear is an app that looks to help parents out in that department. The app features 16 different bears, well illustrated and showing kids what to do and not to do to get into Santa’s good graces this year. Each bear has a little rhyme along with the manners lesson to help kids remember what behaviors Santa frowns upon in the run up to Christmas.


The thinking goes that kids will more readily listen to a cartoon bear than their parents when it comes to good behavior – admittedly something that might ring true for more than a few parents. As an extra incentive to get your kids on their best behavior, rewards points can be set up by parents, with the parent free to set whatever rewards they wish.

Nice Bear Naughty Bear is available for the iPhone, and is on the iTunes App Store for $2.99. A word of warning to parents in the United States – the language of the rhymes is decidedly British, so don’t be surprised if your kids are a little bit confused by what, exactly, the bears are trying to tell them.