Make Pixel Art – Because You’re Never Too Old (Or Young) For Some 8-Bit Fun

You and your kids can become low-resolution pixel artists with the Make Pixel Art app for the iPad. The app is a virtual sketchpad designed to bring your 8-bit imagination to life, with features that are both user-friendly for newcomers and delightful to veteran artists. The full version of the app allows you to create a profile on MakePixelArt.com, where you can access more pixels and features to use in your pieces of art. You can even combine pixel parts in the shop and share them. From there, you can access other cool 8-bit creations and parts from other people using the site.

It’s possible your kids have no idea about the greatness that was the 8-bit era. That’s a shame. Show them what they missed in a way that will engage them and unlock their creativity at the same time. You can grab Make Pixel Art off the iTunes App Store now for $4.99.