HappiTaps Brings the Teddy Bear Into the 21st Century

Here’s a two-part toy that kids will love, assuming you have an iPhone. If you buy the Beary Happi iPhone cover and download the free HappiTaps app designed with the case in mind, you’ll get a teddy bear who is right at home in the digital age. The Beary Happi iPhone cover has the body of a plush teddy bear, with a blank spot in the head where the iPhone screen will go. Start up the app, and the bear’s animated face will appear, which features more than 150 different facial expressions. Parents will be happy to know that the iPhone cover completely blocks the home screen button, keeping your kids within the app and out of trouble.

Also contained in the app are activities and games that kids can play with their new friend, which involve feeding him and caring for him. Beary Happi can also sing and tell jokes and stories. Kids get a new pal to make friends with, and your iPhone stays safe from harm. Sounds like a win-win this holiday season. You can buy the Beary Happi iPhone cover now from Apple’s online store for about $20.