Parents Hold Your Kids, Gwen’s Harajuku Mini Lands at Target on Nov 13th!

This could get ugly in a hurry. The last time Target brought in a big name in design, Missoni, the result was nothing less than pandemonium. Now, Target is going to be selling Gwen Stefani’s new clothing line just for kids, called Harajuku Mini, starting on November 13th. Empty shelves and mad dashes are well within the realm of possibility.

The self-described ‘super kawaii’ fashions from Harajuku Mini echo the eccentric, trendy offerings (with a dash of geek culture) made famous in Harajuku, the fashion district of Tokyo. Rest assured, everything in this line will be age appropriate – to be sure, some things from Harajuku are not for the little ones. It looks like Gwen is keeping it classy with this line, which should be a hit with kids and parents alike. Better go to bed early on November 12th – you’re going to need to hit the stores early for Harajuku Mini.