My First Wii Mote Designed for Little Hands, Big Fun

The Wii is good. It’s fun for the whole family. Large Wiimotes flying out of small hands and careening into expensive television sets? Not as good. Now, you can grab a kid-friendly Wiimote for the newest gamer in the family. My First Wii Mote is a smaller version of Nintendo’s Wiimote, with a soft, ergonomic grip that should help avoid mishaps and make gaming a little more fun for the kids. They’ll probably also enjoy the designs on the remote – right now, My First Wii Mote comes in two different sets. The Cars 2 set features four interchangeable faceplates featuring characters from the movie, while the Disney Princesses set has four different faceplates featuring Cinderella, Rapunzel, Belle, and Cinderella again.

Each set includes one Wiimote and four faceplates, and costs about $30 from Performance Designed Products’ website.