Dora the Explorer Lays Down Rhymes On the iPad

Your little intrepid explorer can get a leg up on reading skills thanks to Dora’s Rhyming Word Adventure, a new educational app for the iPad. The app focuses on phoneme recognition and matching, walking your kids through the basic building blocks of words. Much of the a

pp focuses on matching rhyming pairs – starting with end rhymes and continuing on to internal and beginning rhymes.

In the game, your child will find matching phoneme tokens that they can use to cross the troll bridge, guarded by the Grumpy Old Troll, who isn’t keen on letting anyone pass unless their verbal skills meet his standards. Once the Grumpy Old Troll is satisfied, children can go exploring with Dora, engaging in several more mini-games to be found in the world.

Dora’s Rhyming Word Adventure is available now for $3.99 off the iTunes App Store.