Kids Get Social Safely Online With BunkiMunki

It’s tough to gauge when you should let your kids onto the Internet. There’s untold educational potential, but there’s also the possibility of real danger, or exposure to all kinds of horrors they might not understand. That’s why social spaces like BunkiMunki are so important in today’s connected world. BunkiMunki is a social site for tweens, where friends can gather and share ideas without having to worry about predators or third-party advertisers. The site is heavily protected and moderated by Number Effect, Inc., the people behind the site. There are games to play, and achievement badges that can be earned by accomplishing tasks both in-game and in the real world. There’s also a journal that kids can use as their own private diary. Finally, each child gets their own home space where they can monkey around, designing and decorating it exactly how they want.

Unfortunately, the social parts of BunkiMunki are closed off unless you pay for a premium account. With a premium account, kids can connect with their real-life friends, earn those badges mentioned above, and earn BunkiBucks that they can use to buy goods for their home space at the Emporium.

The whole experience is designed to give kids an early feeling of control, independence, and responsibility. Kids get the last word on what their home space looks like, and how they spend their virtual money. With solid moderation, it’s a great, safe playground for kids to monkey around and be themselves.