Tetris Goes Low-Tech With Tetris Link

Tetris has finally made its way to tabletops, and we don’t mean in handheld gaming form. Tetris is now available as a family board game in Tetris Link. Tetris Link comes with the Tetris Tower and 100 Tetris pieces (Tetriminos, they’re apparently called) in four different colors. The game is a departure from traditional Tetris – the object of the game is to pick a color, then try to link as many pieces of your color as possible, while blocking your opponents from doing the same.

Given that it bears the Tetris name, and was developed in part by the company that owns the rights to Tetris (Blue Planet Software), it’s a good bet that Tetris Link is every bit as addictive as the legendary Tetris video game itself. Tetris Link retails for about $20, or you can check out Amazon’s offerings for the knock-off Tetris Tower here.