SpyNet Stealth Recording Video Glasses Review

Regular sunglasses or stealthy audio/video recording spy glasses? SpyNet’s Stealth Recording Video Glasses can discretely record up to 20 minutes of low resolution video or up to 2000 photos. There’s enough spy movies out there, now you can finally let your children live out the dream.

These stealth shades can be easily disguised as regular sunglasses, even if they do have some large chunky sides. The camera is located in the center of the glasses, at the bridge of the nose. On the opposite side, the inside of the glasses, is a status LED. This LED can only be seen if the glasses are removed from the user’s face. Along the top of the side are two discreet buttons, the power button and the shoot button. On the bottom of the side is a mini-USB connector. That’s all there is to the Stealth Glasses. Tap the shoot button to take a still shot, or hold it for two seconds to take a video.

It’s neat that anything that the user looks at will be recorded, though they’ll need to compensate for the camera being higher than their eyes. Using the included Mini-USB cable, the glasses show up as a storage drive on PCs and Macs. Images and Videos could not be easier to extract. The included Mini-USB cable is about half a foot, which is frustrating, though most everyone has one of these cables laying around.

The image and video quality is pretty poor at 320 x 240, but maybe it’s better off our kids aren’t running around with hidden HD cameras. The audio comes out pretty clear and the mic is good at picking up all ambient sounds. To take the best possible picture you have to stay still for a second while shooting otherwise it blurs the shot.

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While the SpyNet Stealth Video Glasses are intended for ages 8+; this is by all means a kids toy (even if they still fit large heads like mine). For a kid, it’s fun and easy to use. The low resolution and lousy night vision makes it pretty harmless. Stealth Video Glasses by SpyNet cost about $40 and can be found at any big toy store.

The Good: Easy to Use, Standard Mini-USB Sync/Charge Port, Fun to Play With, Clear Audio Recording
The Bad: Poor Picture and Video Resolution, Tricky Packaging, All Video and Picture Dates are 12/30/00