SpyNet Video Watch with Night Vision – Review

Every kid wants to be a spy. And the cool gadgets from SpyNet HQ can help them live out their Spy fantasies. We recently had fun reviewing SpyNet’s Stealth Recording Video Glasses. The latest spy tool from SpyNet HQ is the SpyNet Video Watch with Night Vision, which is actually the second generation Spy Watch from SpyNet. Why didn’t they have this when I was a kid?

It’d be cool enough to have a video camera, but this watch also packs in a color display and it has night vision! Not only can you take pictures and video, but you can also take time-lapse movies and record audio. One of the neatest features with the watch is the option to take pictures or video in “Spy mode.” This means that the screen continues to display the time so that no one will know you are recording. I was amazed at the “Night Vision” mode, in complete darkness everything was quite clear and provided impressive footage for a kid’s toy. Very cool. All of the videos can be played back on the watch itself. There also a lot of little “Spy Apps” and games that can be played on the watch itself.

What you get with the SpyNet: Video Watch with Night Vision is pretty straightforward. In the box you get the watch itself, an instruction book and a little USB adapter. You’ll need the USB adapter not only to charge, but also to upload your video files to the computer. The instruction book is indispensable as it lays out in detail all of the menu options on the watch.

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The watch also comes with 100mb of internal memory, which is plenty considering that the video and images are only 320 x 240 (video shoots at 15 fps). At that resolution and frame rate, that should provide you with about 25 minutes of video, or thousands of pictures. That said, the watch is a bit bulky, but for a kid, that may just make it all that much cooler. But our biggest drawback of the Video Watch is its the battery which drains pretty quickly. It needs to be charged via USB, and if it sits around idly for a day or two, you may need to recharge it – but you won’t lose your data.


Your kids will love this Video Watch. Priced at around $69 , the SpyNet: Video Watch with Night Vision from Jakks Pacific is on the pricey side, but it’s a unique toy that is so good – that it could almost not be a toy.

The  Good: Night vision. Spy mode recording.

The Bad: Short battery life. A bit Pricey.