Silly Bandz Shoot Onto the Nintendo DS

Yes, those Silly Bandz. The wacky combination rubber band-bracelet-crazy shapes phenomenon that’s been going through schools everywhere. It’s probably not the first idea you’d put on tap for a video game tie-in, but it exists, and it could be right up the alley of a Silly Bandz nut this holiday season.

In Silly Bandz DS, the player is tasked with tracking down over 200 stolen Silly Bandz that they can add to their virtual collection. Missions are completed by using different Silly Bandz, which have powers like mid-air explosion or scatter shot. Possibly the more exciting bonus is the 12-pack of actual Silly Bandz exclusive to the game, featuring video game themed shapes like a joystick and a pinball machine.

Silly Bandz DS is selling now off Amazon for about $18.