Make Sure Ken Always Looks His Best With the Shaving Fun Ken Doll

Sporting a five o’clock shadow is no way to impress the ladies, least of all Barbie. Apparently, Ken didn’t get the memo. Fortunately for him, your kids can help him out of a jam before he horrifies Barbie with his unbecoming scruff. The Shaving Fun Ken Doll boldly goes where no doll has gone before – the pursuit to make beard shaving a fun activity for children.

The ‘razor’ is a small, spongy accessory that, when put under warm water, will get rid of that nasty stubble before Ken’s big date. After the date’s gone off without a hitch, your kids can make the beard grow back by wiping Ken’s face with a towel dipped in cold water. You know, in case Ken starts feeling comfortable and thinks he can let himself go a little on subsequent dates. Ken’s even rocking a post-grunge get-up, complete with plaid shirt and jeans. Hats off to him for making it look good, though.

The set includes the ‘razor,’ ‘shaving cream,’ comb, basin, towel, and Scruffy Ken. Your kids can convince Ken to get his act together for about $19 off Mattel’s website.