Sesame Street Intersects With the Kinect in Once Upon a Monster

Sesame Street is getting the Kinect treatment in Once Upon a Monster, an interactive storybook doubling as a video game for the XBOX 360. It’s only controlled using the Kinect and your body, so kids will be dancing, waving and running around trying to get through the whimsical world of monsters. Of course, these aren’t the monsters of your nightmares. These are some of the Cookie Monster’s friends, in need of a little help. Kids can form friendships and help the monsters overcome their own fears (even monsters are scared of some things).

Once Upon a Monster isn’t aiming to be an educational game in the traditional sense, content to build math and verbal skills. Instead, the game’s aim is to develop emotional intelligence, building social and emotional recognition skills. Given that video gaming is often perceived as a hindrance to social development (when it comes to single-player games, at least), the aim to give kids a head start in the social realm is an intriguing prospect, especially in an increasingly tech-laden society that can be as isolating as it is inclusive.

Once Upon a Monster is selling for $49.99. You can get your kids active while building social skills thanks to full Kinect controls. It’s a great game for parents to play along with kids, too. Hide the chocolate chips – looks like the Cookie Monster and his friends might be paying your house a visit soon!

Update 10/27/2011: Check out our review of Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster for Xbox 360