Polly Pocket Races Back Into Kids’ Rooms

Polly Pocket, a classic childhood favorite for decades, is back and apparently has the need for speed. In the Polly Pocket Race to the Concert Playset, her and her friends need to get to their concert in time to perform their hit single “All Good Day” (who knew Polly Pocket had a band?), and need to make a grand entrance while they’re at it. The play set, which looks like an odd mix between a dollhouse and a hot wheels race track, features several tracks that Polly and her bandmates, Crissy and Lea, can race down to get to the stage, including one loop-de-loop in the center – for the thrill seekers. Once they get to the stage, your girl can sing along while Polly and her band performs live.

There are some small parts, so this one is suggested for ages 3 and up only. Your little girl can join Polly for a rocking good time for about $50 off Amazon.