Paper Jamz Makes Everyone Sound Like a Rock Star

Paper Jamz came onto the toy scene originally with a unique guitar that produced guitar sound from paper embedded with advanced circuitry that sounded surprisingly good. Since then, they’ve gotten around to other instruments, like the drums and keyboard. Now, they’ve released a set of microphones that promise to change anyone’s voice into the soaring tones of a bona fide rock star.

The Paper Jamz Pro Series Mics come ready with two songs that your kids can sing along to. The microphone itself has an impressive amount of features, with pitch correction, auto vibrato for a dramatic effect, and auto matching for melodies. You can also alter your voice to make it sound like you are harmonizing as part of a duo, or mimics a chorus by multiplying your voice several times.

If two songs seems a bit lacking, don’t worry. The Paper Jamz mics come with a USB cable. You can then use the Paper Jamz Pro App to add your own songs to the microphone set. The Paper Jamz Pro Series Mics come in three different styles. You can grab one off Amazon now for about $30.