Get Your Kids Active While Helping Kids in Need

Technology surrounds us these days, and we’ve all heard the accusations about too much tech keeping kids inside, leading to childhood obesity. Keeping kids active is critical, especially today – so get them out in the sunshine and help out a few kids in need at the same time. The One World Futbol Project operates on a simple premise – you buy one soccer ball, one gets donated to kids in developing countries. These are some pretty high-quality soccer balls, too. They’re built to take punishment and last for years in harsh environments. They won’t need to be re-inflated, and if they’re tough enough for some of the roughest parts of the world, they should be more than up to the task of holding up with the punishment your kids can dish out.

Each ball is $39.50, and you can choose which charity the ball will go to, if you wish. If you don’t need a soccer ball, you can donate one for $25.00. A soccer poster and backpack can also be purchased for $25.00 and $9.50, respectively. Give the gift of years of football to kids around the world!