Let Your Kids Go Wild on Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a kid-friendly MMORPG-style game made by National Geographic that puts kids in the paws of their favorite animals. Your kids can explore the vibrantly animated world, discovering facts about nature along the way. It’s a safe way for kids to be social online without being exposed to the ugly parts of the Internet – Animal Jam is strictly moderated to keep everything clean, and third-party advertising is blocked. Kids can collect gems to unlock new bonuses and features while they go exploring.

Animal Jam has three membership levels. The lowest is $5.95 per month, with a 1,500 gem bonus. The next is $29.95 for 6 months of play, and comes with a 9,000 gem bonus. The highest is $49.95 per year, and grants a 25,000 gem bonus. But, don’t worry, your kids can play for free, too. Some animals and extras exclusive to membership players won’t be available, though. If you’re looking for a clean, family-friendly place to let your kids go wild, look no further.