Power Up Your Apple Gadgets With Minnie Mouse

Make charging up your gadgets a little cuter with the Minnie Mouse Apple Charge Kit. This five piece set brings Minnie’s poppy, polka-dot infused style to the world of Apple. The set includes an iPhone/iPod Touch dock with Minnie Mouse ears, a wall charger, a car charger (cigarette lighter adapter), and 2 charge cables.

You can power your gadgets with Minnie’s purple and pink style for about $50 off of Performance Designed Products’ website. A Disney Apple Charge Kit Mickey is also available for Mickey fans. That’s a little pricey for just a charge set, but if you have a little one who is a big fan of Minnie or Mickey, or if you have a soft spot for the animated world’s leading lady and man, than these kids might be right up your alley.