Pixar’s Cars Come to Life With Lightning McQueen Alive

It looks like toys are getting to the point where kids don’t even need to make the effort to play with them. The high-tech, high speed Lightning McQueen Alive toy car is much more than just a toy. This scale model of the race car hero from Cars and Cars 2 can drive around all by himself, even doing donuts on the bedroom floor from time to time. When he stops to take a breather, small motors inside the car make McQueen move his eyes and shoulders, or whatever the car equivalents of shoulders are. He’ll also crack all his favorite jokes and deliver his signature lines from Cars 2.

Lightning McQueen Alive also comes with a gas refueling station, which houses a dock that recharges his batteries after playtime’s over and McQueen needs to rest up for the next session. If your kids loved Cars 2, they’ll get a kick out of this lifelike toy that really does bring the movie to life right in their own rooms. You can speed over to Amazon and grab Lightning McQueen Alive for about $65 on Amazon.