Hot Wheels Racer Camera Gives a View From the Driver’s Seat

Back when you were a kid, messing around with hot wheels and sending them through crazy loops and twists and turns, didn’t you ever wonder how it would feel to be behind the wheel? It’d be like a roller coaster, without the safety – all the more thrilling! Well, thanks to technology getting smaller and smaller, kids now can at least get an idea of what it’s like to be a hot wheels driver.

The Hot Wheels Video Racer Vehicle is a model car that fits most hot wheels tracks that is outfitted with a tiny video camera, and can be connected to any computer through a USB connection. There’s only twelve minutes of memory on the camera, but this should me more than enough to satisfying your speed-hungry kid. After they get their footage, kids can hit the computer to watch 30 FPS video, deleting the parts they don’t like to make room for more video. The car also comes in a case that can be attached to virtually anything a kid goes outside with, like a backpack or a bicycle, so they can take a little bit of video while they are having their own adventures, too.

While kids are watching their video, they can add transitions, special effects, and preloaded music, too. For about $60 on Amazon, you and your kid can finally check out the view from the car as it flies through all the crazy stuff kids put model cars through.