GeoPalz Activity Trackers Get Your Kids Moving

A lot of times, technology is blamed for the spread of childhood obesity. So, it’s nice to see a tech company working toward getting kids active, instead of sitting around all day. GeoPalz creates pedometers for kids, tracking their steps and converting them into points that can be used to get free sports equipment and outdoor toys from the GeoPalz website. Recently, GeoPalz’ line of pedometers received a technical upgrade. Rather than selling 2D pendulum pedometers, they are coming out with more accurate and resilient 3D accelerometers that will keep a record of 21 days worth of steps. Kids can wear them on their hips or shoes. There are also a few anti-cheating mechanisms built-in to guarantee accuracy, and guarantee that your kids are actually getting out and staying active. A healthy kid is a happy kid, and GeoPalz is hoping that that happiness will spread to the whole family, who can work together to earn those online goods. You can get GeoPalz’ Activity Trackers off of Amazon now for about $20 each.