Something Smells in the Doggie Doo Board Game

I guess anything can be made into a game if you’re really bound and determined. Doggie Doo is pretty much as advertised. There’s an admittedly adorable wiener dog, a leash with a pump, and a can of ‘dog food.’ I’ll let you figure out where it goes from there.

Once you feed your puppy, it turns into a game of Russian roulette, pooper-scooper style. Everyone takes turns walking the dog, hoping that they won’t be the unlucky soul to be responsible for Fido when he does his business. The game includes four different colored scoopers to handle the mess, along with dice, a mold to create doggie treats from the ‘dog food,’ and a bone.

Doggie Doo is the kind of gross-out game that kids are sure to dig into, practically guaranteed to generate laughs all around the family. You can get this stinker of a game for about $20 on Amazon.