Get Creative On the iPad 2 With Crayola Trace & Draw

Crayola and Griffin have been active lately, turning the iPad 2 into a the canvas of the future for young artists all over. Another product the two companies have recently released is the Crayola Trace & Draw. It’s a little more than just a drawing app – the set comes with a protective case and a stylus made to look like a marker.

The set also comes with 50 pieces of fitted tracing paper featuring quite a few different characters that kids can trace and color. Once your kids are done tracing and coloring, the app features a bunch of different animations to keep them engaged. Finally, a peel-back screen protector is included to make sure fingerprints and smudges don’t wind up on your iPad 2’s screen.

The Crayola Trace & Draw is available now in Target or Apple stores for about $40. You can also order online here. The accompanying app is available for free on the iTunes App Store.