Girls Can Create Their Own Best Friend With the BFF Doll

Dolls are a special part of play time for countless young girls out there. Why not let them get one that fits what they want exactly? That’s the thinking behind MyTwinn’s BFF doll, which can only be ordered online. Girls completely customize eight different traits about their doll – face shape, skin tone, eye color, makeup, hair color, hair style, clothes, and accessories. Your little girl can see a 3-D model of what her finished doll will look like, including animations. As a personal touch, girls can even assign their new BFFs a name and birthday, and register it on the website.

The dolls are top-notch, too. Each one is hand crafted and hand painted to your girl’s specifications. As much love is going to go into the physical creation of the dolls as the electronic part. The BFF doll stands 23” tall and can be put in many different positions thanks to 18 joints on the doll. MyTwinn clothes and accessories will also fit the BFF dolls. The BFF doll costs $149.00. Your little girl can get started on her very own BFF here.