Barbie and Your Little Girl Take Over the Fashion World

Your little girl can join up with Barbie and take the fashion world by storm in Barbie Jet, Set, & Style for the Wii and DSi. The game lets your child join Barbie on her private jet as she hits the streets of ten different world cities, doling out makeovers and hairstyles in her quest to beautify the planet, Barbie style. The player also acts as Barbie’s personal stylist and fashionista, setting her up with the latest and best in hairstyles and extensions, giving world-class manicures, and outfitting her in the latest and trendiest fashions. It’s all in preparation for the Global Glam Fashion Show, where Barbie and her clients show off all of your child’s handiwork. The fun isn’t limited to just the game – your child can also design a T-shirt using the DSi’s camera. For all the budding fashion designers out there, it’s time to get your first crack into the industry! The DS version of the game is available on Amazon now for $19.99, while the Wii version sells for about $30.

The preview video of Barbie Jet, Set, and Style can be found here.