20Q Knows Exactly What You’re Thinking

The robots can already read our minds – we might be in trouble! The 20Q handheld game lets you play twenty questions, but you’re not the one asking the questions. You think of something, and the game itself shoots off yes/no questions in an attempt to guess what you’re thinking of – which it does successfully at an impressive rate. It can even take answers of sometimes and rarely, and can work through trick answers or obscure items. If you get a tough question that doesn’t fit your object (most who have played twenty questions know the feeling), you can skip questions, and undo answers if you change your mind. You can also watch as 20Q grows more or less confident – the backlit screen brightens and dims according to how certain the game is. Pit yourself against the machine for about $13, or $20 for the mega screen version. 20Q comes in red, blue, and pink.