Me To You My Place Mixes Social Gaming and Real Life Fun for Kids

Me to You My Place has been around for a little while as a popular social game on Facebook. Usually, kids and social gaming would run the risk of being a bad combination. It’s tough to gauge who or what kids will run into when you let them run wild on something as public as Facebook. Fortunately, Me to You My Place is well regulated and maintained, and comes packed with parental controls to help keep your kids safe online.

Me To You My Place lets your child play as Tatty Teddy, a small, blue-nosed teddy bear who goes around and finds other blue-nosed friends to play with, while engaging in Farmville-like activities such as harvesting crops and taking care of forests. It’s fun for younger kids up to 10 or 11, and is completely family friendly. There’s also a heavy educational component, with games and activities to practice math and reading abilities.

The game is free to play, though there is a premium version that costs £4.95, or about $7.50 per month, which grants access to more locations and friends, and other bonuses. As of August, there’s a new friend in town who exists in game and in the real world. If you buy Tatty Puppy, a cute little blue-nosed stuffed puppy, you also receive an online code you can redeem to unlock him in the game. You can name your Tatty Puppy with the certificate you get with your order, and can also assign him favorite tricks. He’s a cute little guy that kids will be sure to love, regardless of whether or not they play the game.

Tatty Puppy costs £12.99, or about $20. You can also accessorize, with a kennel (£0.99/$1.50) or a dog collar (£3.99/$6.00). If you’re looking for a safe, light-hearted way to get your kids accustomed to the Internet and social gaming, Me to You My Place is a safe bet, especially now that you can keep your kids grounded to the real world with the loveable stuffed Tatty Puppy.