SuperShell Protects Your iPad From Childhood Over-Enthusiasm

Lately, there’s been a hearty helping of educational and entertainment apps directed towards the young ones for the iPad and iPad 2, which is great. Most of them are great ways to combine early learning and childhood fun, and provide a safe way for kids to get used to technology. The downside, of course, is that kids tend to not have much regard for the fragility of things, the iPad certainly included.

If you have a child who doesn’t know his or her own strength (the rule, rather than the exception), you can make sure a $500 accident doesn’t happen in your home with the SuperShell, from M-Edge Accessories. The SuperShell is a neon green foam iPad case designed to be comfortable for kids to hold. The foam is packed pretty dense, so the shock absorption is good. Drop the iPad, and it’ll just bounce off the ground without being harmed. And, besides protecting your device, you’re pretty much guaranteed to never lose your iPad, either. You really can’t miss that shade of glowing neon chartreuse anywhere.

The SuperShell is available at Best Buy and medgestore.com, and costs about $30. You can finally let your kids go nuts on your iPad without (too much) anxiety.