Let Your Kids Gleek Out With the Glee Jammin’ Journal

For all the kids who are actually glad school is back, because it means more Glee, you can pick up the Glee Jammin’ Journal, a celebration of all things about the hit television show. It’s packed with photos and sound clips from the multiple seasons of the show, and plays the show’s theme song every time you open it. That last part might get grating after a while, and it’s unclear whether or not that can be disabled. The journal also comes with a charm that is used to open the journal, because there’s not much more important to a tween than privacy and secrecy. The journal runs on AAA batteries, as weird as it is to say that a journal requires batteries to operate. You can Gleek out with your kids for $21. Not that your kids will actually let you read what they write. That’s top secret material!