Harry Potter Knight Bus LEGO Set Review

What happens when you mix Harry Potter and LEGO together? Pure magic. The Knight Bus is just one LEGO set out of many that LEGO has released. Lucky for us we got a chance to put it together and it didn’t take the Elder Wand, nor did we fear Lord Voldemort if we failed.

The Knight Bus is all of 286 pieces and includes 3 Minifigs – Harry Potter, Stan Shunpike and Ernie Prang.
There is also a Shrunken head and hedwig too.

Like all LEGO sets, there is the included manual and numbered baggies that include the many bricks that need to be put together.

Instead of tackling the bus ourselves. We decided to give it to a 8yr old to assemble. In no less than 45 minutes the triple decker bus was formed with the help of the included book and was ready to be put to the test on some nice hardwood floors. Where it rolled around very nicely. Shortly thereafter the bus was dissembled and ready to mutate into an even bigger and more complex bus.

The Knight Bus may not be the most complex set that LEGO offers but it certainly is a lot of fun and with the Harry Potter tie-in – who wouldn’t want to build a big purple bus for your little wizard Minifigs.

Harry Potter LEGO set – Knight Bus retails for $39.99 on Amazon.